Understanding Vapor Barrier Thickness

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Homeowners BEWARE!

If you’re a homeowner looking to purchase crawl space vapor barrier for a crawl space encapsulation project, we’re glad you found us.

There’s a lot of low quality vapor barriers on the market and what’s worse, many of them charge you (the homeowner) more.

We won’t be calling those companies out but we will tell you which vapor barrier brands are legit and accurate so you don’t get caught in a bad scenario.

What Size Vapor Barrier Do I Need?

Crawl space vapor barriers come in a wide range of different sizes and each serves a specific purpose.

The 20 mil vapor barrier and the 12 mil vapor barrier are two of the most common types you can purchase.

The size of your vapor barrier is important because the crawl space walls and crawl space floors must be sealed. Typically, the larger the crawl space, the larger the vapor barrier.

If you have a crawl space floor that has rocks, gravel, objects or concrete, you’ll probably want to use a thick vapor barrier on it. With this scenario, we’d recommend a 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier for the floor.

When covering your crawl space walls, most crawl spaces would use a 12 mil vapor barrier size. You can have a larger vapor barrier on the floor with a smaller one on the walls.

Vapor barriers also come in a 6 mil, 8 mil and 10 mil size. These sizes are usually used in smaller crawl spaces.

Vapor Barrier Thickness

Now, some vapor barriers are accurate in their thickness while others are not, something you should be aware of.