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You don’t hear about 6 and 8 mil crawl space vapor barriers as much as you do the 12 and 20, but it doesn’t mean they’re less important. We commonly hear about the 12 mil vapor barrier and 20 mil vapor barrier when we’re discussing crawl space encapsulation. What you don’t hear about is the 6 mil liner and 8 mil liner. But why?

For one, most crawl spaces are large and require a thicker vapor barrier. For two, crawl space floors are often tough. Due to this, it’s recommended to at least use a 12 mil vapor barrier for your flooring.

Using 8 Mil Vapor Barriers

Smaller crawl space vapor barriers can be used to cover your foundation walls and piers. What you will ultimately use depends on your crawl space, what it is doing and what it isn’t doing. If you’re looking for 8 mil crawl space vapor barriers, you likely know what’s going on. If you’re not sure what a vapor barrier is or the 8 mil liner in particular, this article should guide you through its purpose as it pertains to crawl space encapsulation.

8 mil crawl space vapor barriers are mainly used for lining the walls and piers of your crawl space.  When it comes to the crawl space floor, two vapor barriers are commonly used, the 12 mil vapor barrier and the 20 mil vapor barrier. Crawl space walls and piers can vary in size, from a few feet to several feet. Since the foundation walls are encapsulated during the crawl space 

encapsulation process, you’ll have several choices depending on your specific situation.

Although produced less, there’s a wide range of 8 mil crawl space vapor barriers on the market. Over the course of the last few decades, we’ve worked with many vapor barriers, including several 8 mil liners.  Quality is always important when you’re purchasing a vapor barrier. One of the highest recommended 8 mil vapor barriers is the 8 mil DiamondBack vapor barrier offered by

Crawl Space Repair dot com is another reputable crawl space industry platforms on the internet. Here’s some of the specs and details on their 8 mil crawl space liner.

DiamondBack 8 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

  • Roll size 13’4″ x 75′ – that’s 1000 Sq Ft on each roll
  • It is a nominal 8 Mil product just like ALL the other 8 Mil liners on the market today.
  • Made in the USA
  • In stock ships next day or sooner
  • Made from virgin polyethylene resin
  • Bright white face and a black back
  • Shipping is included in the price!

You can also find this brand in a 6 mil, the 6 mil DiamondBack vapor barrier.

We’ve learned that the 8 mil liner is great for encapsulating walls and piers. Again, rarely do we use 8 mil liners on the floor. Even with no storage on the vapor barrier, it would be best to use a 12 mil vapor barrier at the least and a 20 mil vapor barrier if you’ll have heavy traffic and storage.