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The 12 mil crawl space vapor barrier is among the most sought after vapor barriers in the industry. The 12 mil vapor barrier is often used on crawl space foundation walls. Foundation seal tape is used to hold the vapor barrier in place. We usually recommend a 12 mil liner for your crawl space walls. If your crawl space floor has no sharp objects or you won’t be storing much in the space, a 12 mil vapor barrier can also be used on the floor.

For any homeowners leaning toward a 12 mil vapor barrier for crawl space purposes, it’s good to know that the market has no shortage of them. But you have to be careful what you work with because all 12 mil liners are NOT created equal. We’ll explain.

How Do 12 Mil Vapor Barriers Differ?

For starters, there’s a lot of different brands of 12 mil liners on the market. Some 12 mil come from well known brands, others do not. And if you’ve never used a 12 mil liner or any other type of crawl space vapor barrier, we can see why it can be tough to make a choice.

If you understand one thing from this article, let it be this, “all vapor barriers are NOT created equal.”

35 Percent Thicker Than The Competition

There shouldn’t be a question if your vapor barrier is thick enough or actually the thickness it’s advertised as. All we can say, “measure it yourself.” Again and like we’ve always explained, we won’t call any company out. We made that rule on day one, we won’t talk negatively about anyone, contractor, homeowner, product or brand. However, we will tell you where we buy from and it’s an accurate product, meaning their vapor barriers are really correct.

Know What You’re Buying

If you’re a regular to our blog or have read other articles, you know how we feel about vapor barrier sizes. I mention this to inform you of wrong-doing among some vapor barrier manufacturers. If you hear about a special price on the radio or see a commercial stating a certain feature, that’s what you expect when you go to buy it, right?

While the crawl space industry often works in the dark (you know, “crawl space”) the issue I have with some is misrepresenting their products. If you’re wanting to buy a 12 mil liner, that’s what you expect, a 12 mil vapor barrier. Not a 11.5 mil, not a 10 mil, not even a 11.9 mil, but a 12 mil. We have found many times before that often, these sizes are inaccurate at best. This turned us away from several brands over the years and actually led us to buy from only one particular brand.

A few years ago when we saw the quality of products going down hill in the industry, we chose to make a switch to For both homeowners and contractors, we couldn’t recommend any other company higher.

We were extremely impressed with the SilverBack™ brand they sold. As a whole, we feel it’s the best crawl space vapor barrier on the market. You can find the SilverBack™ in 20 mil and 12 mil.

The SilverBack™ lineup is 35 percent thicker than the competition. You can test this for yourself. Put your vapor barrier up against the SilverBack™ and I bet money it’s thicker than yours. If you do some comparing, you can also feel the difference. You can tell the SilverBack™ is higher quality. When you compare prices, it’s just as competitive as the others.

We don’t recommend too many 12 mil crawl space vapor barriers. Actually, only two and both of those can be found at Crawl Space Repair.